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Let us introduce you to the joy of Yoga and the many benefits of this practice.

We have proudly offered Yoga classes in the metro area for over 11 years. We offer classes ranging from beginner to highly advanced.

Our studio provides a relaxing and comfortable setting in which to find a great sense of strength and inner peace, resulting in an all-around wellness program for both mind and body.

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Yoga for Health and Happiness

The teaching of Yoga offers each individual the opportunity to gently exercise the body while at the same time focus the mind. The end result is a more flexible and strong body, and at the same time a more settled and clear mind. This ancient teaching of Yoga increases peace and happiness in our lives, and an increased sense of awareness and lightheartedness within ourselves. We also practice attention to breathing, and we teach very specific breathing techniques as an integral part of our Yoga program.

Relaxing Atmosphere

We take great care to assure that every student maintains complete control of his or her own body while moving through the various Yoga poses. Based on the ancient principles of self-realization, our classes are geared towards a student being present in the moment and honoring his or her own individual strengths as well as their limitations. Our classes help the students to gain increased balance, more flexibility, and an over-all sense of well being and growth of individual awareness.

The main focus of Yoga practice is on gaining health and happiness through proper fitness in a settled and relaxing atmosphere. We believe that when people come together with all good intentions, positive energy is the end result for everyone involved.


Stretching and Balance are Important
Aspects of Yoga Training

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